The first animated short film ever on Joan of Arc


Animated film


Joan of Arc


Director: Atam Rasho


A La Simandre production


In production


The artist

Art technique

The film is a 2D animation short using the traditional method. This means it is drawn and animated on paper, with pen, Indian ink and watercolor.

The art of animation is a medium perfectly suited to our purpose since it gives life in an almost magical and enchanting way to drawing. It is the ultimate medium for dreams and wonders. We are lucky to say there has never been an artistic animated film on the figure of the Maid of Orleans so far and we are the first ones making such a film.

Film director

Atam Rasho was born in 1985. He is a Franco-Armenian animated film artist and director.

He won the top prize awarded by the Paris Académie des beaux-arts in 2020. His student short film, “Le Fils Prodigue”, has been selected in twenty festivals around the world and won prizes at the Buenos Aires Festival. His latest short film, “Voix des Soupirs”, is currently being distributed in various festivals and was recently selected for the FIFA Montreal Festival.

In his work as a director, Atam Rasho is on a constant quest for the link between the real and the spiritual.


The image is accompanied by the narration of a masterpiece of medieval poetry, “Le Ditié de Jehanne d’Arc”, by Christine de Pizan.

It is the only literary work relating the Maid’s deeds during her lifetime. Its author is considered to be the first female poet to have earned a living as a writer. She has also done much for the education of young girls of her time. Some passages will be recited in Old French to keep all the musicality of the language while others will be in contemporary French.


Marc Mauillon, an opera singer with a repertoire as extensive as it is singular, will interpret the passages from the “Ditié de Jehanne d’Arc”.

The music is composed and harmonized by Pierre Hamon, musician, composer, instrumentalist and specialist in medieval music. Co-founder of the Alla Francesca ensemble, he also composed the music for an animated feature film. For JEHANNE, Pierre Hamon was inspired by melodies and composers from medieval times such as Guillaume Dufay, and readjusts them to suit the needs of the film. The music will be interpreted with period instruments to recreate the enchanting atmosphere.

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